The Lock Shop of Albuquerque, NM provides the very best in lock and safe sales, service and more! Please take a moment to read the testimonials our past customers have said regarding our great services.


I was looking for a specific safe and i called several shops and nobody was able to accommodate my needs. I called Leon and I told him what i wanted and needed and he was able to provide exactly that. He showed up on time and the set up was excellent. I had no issues with the Lock Shop. I also had him look at my sons ignition switch because every shop had told me they were not able to fix it. He not only fixed it but he put in a new ignition switch and re-keyed the truck. Thank you Leon for all your work.

- Steve Evans


I was looking for someone I could trust to rekey the outside doors of my home with upscale locks. I called several lock shops in the city to obtain estimates. The Lock Shop gave me the most reasonable estimates so I had Leon, the owner, install the locks. He gave me exactly the locks I was looking for and his cost was very reasonable. He was very professional and cleaned all the areas he worked in. I would recommend the Lock Shop to anyone.

- Mike Kimbrell


A few days ago I was locked out of my house no way in totally under stress. I called around everywhere looking for something decent priced and willing to come in a hurry. everyone I called was not willing to work with me. I gave the lock shop a call they came in a hurry and a very reasonable price! I would highly recommend them if you're looking for great service and an affordable price!

- Vanitee Beyer


I locked myself out of my work truck at my girlfriend's on a Sunday night. I called some lock shops and tow places and everyone wanted a fortune to come out. The guy at the lock shop said he would be able to come out and unlock it with no problem at a reasonable price. This was great because I had to be at work at 5am the next morning. Thanks Lock Shop

- Russ Payson


Came home to find someone kicked in my front door and emptied my home. The lock shop came out and recommended I put a steal plate and bump proof lock. They were there in a matter of no time to make my home safe for the night. I would recommend them to anyone.

- Malia Tafoya


During the day at work, I drive a lot. My key broke in the ignition and I had a meeting to get to. I called a few places and no one could come for a few hours. I called The Lock Shop and Leon said he could have someone out right away. Not only did he get there fast, he got the broken key out and made me a new one in time for me to make my meeting on time.

- AJ


It was after work when I noticed that I had lost my only key to my car. After calling around Leon was very willing to come out and open my car, make me a new key and make me a spare key as well. He did this all in time for me to still be able to pick up my kids from school as well. He was quick, professional, and most of all had a great attitude the entire time. BIG THANK YOU TO THE LOCK SHOP!

- Angela


I lost my car keys on Halloween night; I literally called every company in the phone book to find someone to help me. Several places told me they couldn't even help because my ignition had been previously replaced and my door locks didn't match my ignition. The places that told me they could do it quoted me CRAZY prices! I got ahold of Leon who not only hurried to help me make it work on time, but did it for half the price! And made it so I can use the same key for my doors on the ignition! He was a lifesaver! Will definitely recommend him to ALL my friends!

- Audrey


I had just bought a starter to get my car running and my key broke in the ignition. Leon came out right away and removed the old worn key. The key was in a difficult position and he took extra time and effort to ensure a safe removal without drilling the lock. Also, he made new keys to fit my locks. It was very knowledgeable and exceptional service at more than a fair price.

- Bjorn


I wholeheartedly recommend the Lock Shop for providing me exceptional service at an affordable price. I appreciate doing business with a man of integrity and Leon is exactly that.

- Armando Diaz


I Met Leon when he was a youngster working at a lock shop in Albuquerque. Being a Realtor/Landlord for several decades, my need for a locksmith is obvious. I eventually lost contact with him until, fortuitously, I moved to Los Lunas where I found he had just opened a storefront. The long and the short of it is that his work ethic is strong and his skills provide really dependable results. His energy and his attitude add frosting to the cake.

- Richard Whiteside


If you are locked out of your house or need to speak to one of our staff immediately, please contact us by phone. We look forward to helping you.